Warrior Sailing joins the Race to Mackinac-

“While some crews view sailing as a hobby or a good way to stay in shape, one crew in particular—Warrior Sailing—uses the 333-mile race to Mackinac Island as a means to overcome challenges on and off the water.”- Ben Poucher

The Chicago Mac Race, also known as the Chicago to Mackinac Race, is one of the oldest and longest annual freshwater yacht races in the world. It takes place on Lake Michigan, and its route runs from Chicago, Illinois, to Mackinac Island, Michigan.

Key points about the Chicago Mac Race:

  1. History: The race was first organized in 1898 by the Chicago Yacht Club and has been held annually since then, except for a few exceptions during World War I and II. Over the years, it has grown to become a prestigious and highly anticipated event in the sailing community.
  2. Route: The race course spans approximately 333 statute miles (289.4 nautical miles) from the Chicago shoreline to Mackinac Island. The route can vary depending on wind conditions and other factors.
  3. Divisions: The race is open to both monohull and multihull sailboats, which are further divided into different classes based on boat size, design, and other factors. The main divisions include Racing, Cruising, and Multihull.

Warrior Sailing joins Race to Mackinac