How to Help

We’re thrilled you like what we are doing and want to help the program! Warrior Sailing has come along way over the past few years, with expanded programming, skill development and opportunities for our participants and graduates. At our core, we are an organization that teaches sailing. This starts with the basics, from wind direction to points-of-sail. Some continue on to learn navigation, systems maintenance and more. We don’t take people on boat rides.

We’ve learned that we can’t be everything to everyone, which applies not only to our participants but also our supporters. If you are interested in supporting us, we’ve concluded it’s often best to start the conversation out with sharing things Warrior Sailing does not need.

New locations for Warrior camps to be held;

Our team is booked out for the next two years and we are not currently looking to expand to new areas. If you currently are offering sailing opportunities to veterans at your site, let us know and we are happy to share the information with our network.

Boats, or boats for graduates to sail on;

Our team can put the offers on the table for warriors to be directly linked with the sailing community through our outreach network.  But before we do that we have a general online form to fill out that reflects a lot of information about the offer being presented.  It is pretty detailed and usually involves offering hotel room and travel compensation for the warrior to attend.  Most of our graduates are not from the areas that the opportunities are often offered. A level of trust is established through our program and most of the Warriors aren’t very good at following up on the opportunities with people they don’t know.

Register a Sailing Opportunity

Warrior Sailors or contacts with Warriors;

We have an extensive waitlist to attend our basic training camp and strong partnerships with VA adaptive sports programs nationwide that send participants our way. If you know someone that would benefit, they can always sign up to be added to our applicant pool at https://warriorsailing.org/basic-training/ but know that it may be quite some time before we can include them at a Basic Training Camp.


We don’t need volunteers at our camps or opportunities.  Our coaches are professionals and the intimate feeling of our camps doesn’t lend much to outside volunteers.  We simply don’t have much for people to do. The easiest way to support Warrior Sailing is to make a donation here. In addition to making a donation, individuals or organizations that would like to provide meaningful assistance can contact Cory@WarriorSailing.org if they are willing to provide meals, gear or other supplies to help make the program a success.

Next Steps…

Now that you are more aware of things we don’t need, let’s look at meaningful ways you can support Warrior Sailing’s mission.

Register a Sailing Opportunity;

Please fill out this form to provide us the information needed to properly review the opportunity before distributing to our alumni.

Consume Our Content;

It sounds silly, but it really helps! By following, subscribing, liking, and sharing our content on social media more people are exposed to our program. Just because we don’t need volunteers doesn’t mean we don’t need more exposure. Warrior Sailing is a non-profit which means fundraising is inevitably something we must focus our attention towards in order to sustain and grow our programming. Building our audience helps us with that, whether it be through reaching private donors or strengthening our value to potential partnering organizations.

Our primary mediums of social media and outreach are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and email.

  • Facebook – Like our page here. Take an extra minute to ‘follow’ the page as well. This will make our content appear in your feed more often. If you see a post you like engage with it – likes, comments and especially shares go a very long way.
  • Instagram – Follow us on instagram here. Don’t miss any of our posts by clicking the ‘notifications bell’ on the upper-right corner of the app and selecting to hear when we post new videos and stories.
  • Youtube – Subscribe to the Warrior Sailing YouTube channel here. We’ve got some great videos online and continue to produce some more. Which are your favorite?
  • LinkedIn – Follow us on LinkedIn here. Raising awareness of Warrior Sailing in the professional world is an important step as we work towards larger recognition and corporate support.
  • Email – Join our mailing list here. We send out newsletters about once a month recapping what we’ve been working on and sharing the stories of our program’s events and participants.


Pledge a Recurring Donation;

Whether you’re an individual or a business, budgeting is crucial for planning the future; the same goes for non-profits. Consider making a recurring donation to Warrior Sailing, which will allow us to count on your support now and into the future. Our average recurring donation is around $50/month, however whatever amount suits you is most appreciated.

As a token of our gratitude and as a way to let you show your support back home, please note the following:

  • For monthly recurring donations of $20 or more, we will send you a Warrior Sailing Sticker.
  • For monthly recurring donations of $50 or more, we will send you a Warrior Sailing Buff & Sticker
  • For monthly recurring donations of $100 or more, we will send you a Warrior Sailing Burgee, Buff & Sticker.

Click here to setup your recurring donation.



Your money goes to helping the participants! It takes money to provide opportunities. Please consider making a contribution towards providing opportunities for our Warriors.


Your business can help Warrior Sailing Program in multiple ways. Corporate assistance can be in the form of event sponsorship, training camp support, sponsored dinners or helping the Warrior Sailing Team. Give support and get noticed. Contact our Program Director, Cory Kapes at cory@warriorsailing.org.

Markel Marine is a great example – this specialty insurer has signed on to power Warrior Sailing’s continued impact on
the lives of wounded, ill, or injured veterans. This collaboration will provide financial support to the program and assist with changing the lives of veterans through sailing. Read more about their support here and consider joining them as corporate advocates for Warrior Sailing.


You might not have tons of cash to give, but Warrior Sailing always needs items for our success. In particular, we’re looking for in-kind donations such as meals, apparel, and safety equipment. If you have an idea or have an in-kind donation that could make our camps more successful, please contact Cory Kapes immediately!


Your boat could be donated to support the Warrior Sailing Program. The USMMA Sailing Foundation is the parent organization of the Warrior Sailing Program and can facilitate the donation of your boat to this great cause. Contact Ben Poucher at ben@warriorsailing.org.


For those wishing to wear official Warrior Sailing gear, consider purchasing one of our standard issue ‘Warrior Supporters Truckers Hat’ or other surplus apparel in the ‘Warrior Sailing Overpriced Garage Sale’ store. We aren’t in the business of selling clothes, so our overpriced garage sale is a great way for us to clear out some gear while raising money to support continued programming down the road.

Support Warrior Sailing

Our sails may be powered by the wind, but our program is powered by donations. Consider making a recurring donation today.

We are proud to be a certified Veteran Ready Organization by the PsychArmor Institute.