Warrior Sailing Outreach Network managed by Ian Holtzworth has a growing array of sailing activities for Warrior Sailors. Here are some happenings around the network.

Performance Sailing Training with Team Paradise Forging New Connections Across Florida

Team Paradise, run by Magnus Liljedahl, hosted 4 Warrior Sailing Alumi in a week long training camp. Magnus was an Olympic Gold medalist sailor in the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Team Paradise brings veterans in for free US Sailing certifications in Miami, FL. “The more we can branch out, the more we can enhance our skills. We learned a lot from Magnus and his community because they explained things in a diversity of ways. Plus we just had a great time together,” said Laura Root. Team Paradise connected Warrior Sailors with other successful sailors with disabilities, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and a retired Coast Guard Captain all of who shared extensive amount of knowledge. Many organizations in sailing nationwide will welcome veterans into their programs, so please don’t hesitate to forge new connections.

Upcoming Robie Pierce Regatta

Team are signing up the annual Robie Pierce Regatta held June 1-3 at the Larchmont Yacht Club with the Women’s Invitational on May 31. Raced in Ideal 18 sailboats, the event has travel scholarships and is expecting 30 boats this year. Watch for our Warrior Teams on the water.

Summer Sailing on the Chesapeake

Albert Bossar, an Army veteran and owner of the J-42 Allegiant, reached out to us about getting some Warriors involved on his boat, and potentially other boats at his club. Bert has a pretty impressive sailing schedule for the summer, with distance races throughout the region, buoy races, and of course the Wednesday night series. Local Warrior Sailors are encouraged to sign up and get on the water!

Getting out on a J-105

Warrior Sailors, Keith & Tyra Moore completed their first offshore regatta off the coast of South Carolina in a J-105. This ambitious couple attended our Basic Training Camp in Annapolis last fall and caught the bug. Day 2 of the race the breeze picked up to 30 kts. “It was an exhilarating educational experience. Our first time working an asymmetrical spinnaker, or any spinnaker for that fact.” Hats off to these sailors!

West Coast Warriors in Marina del Rey

Warrior Sailors in Southern California have a unique opportunity with California Yacht Club & Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club. They are hosting a series of seminars and on-the-water clinics. Warrior Sailor, Joe Morrison, is leading the effort for Warrior Sailors to get involved with this sailing community opportunity.

Friday night series on Tampa Bay

Whether they are looking to crew or create their own team, Warrior Sailors are getting out on the water for the Friday night club racing at the St. Petersburg Sailing Center. Organized by Warrior Sailor, Rachelle Pontes, this is a weekly opportunity to get out on the water for some casual racing around the bay.

Have an idea for a sailing outreach opportunity? Contact Ian outreach@warriorsailing.org