Resources for Past, Present, and Future Warrior Sailors

Whether you’ve signed up for our Basic Training Camp or have gone through the program and are now out there sailing on your own, the following resources are great starting points when looking to broaden your horizons. Whether you are looking to just get out on the water for the first time or perhaps considering buying your first boat, spend a few moments exploring the articles and links below.

US Sailing Where to Sail

Begin your search by state or zip – this comprehensive database of yacht clubs, sailing centers, schools, and other programs is an excellent starting point for finding sailing opportunities close to home. Try focusing on Community Sailing Programs and Associations first, then move on to Yacht Clubs and Sailing Schools. 

American Sailing Association Veterans Program

A discount program at ASA certified schools to complete the Basic Keelboat (ASA101) curriculum. These program’s come with cost, so we recommend searching for community sailing programs above before committing towards attending a sailing school.

Join the Warrior Outreach Community

Warrior Sailing and the broader sailing community have developed a strong network of opportunities and connections over the past several years. Whether through organizations dedicated to veteran sailing, recreation therapy, or open learning, there is likely a group of dedicated individuals working towards providing similar opportunities to Warrior Sailing in your local area. If you are looking to get out on the water before your first opportunity to join us, we can likely guide you in the right direction.

Need some guidance? Check out these articles.

Understanding Sails and their Parts

It’s safe to say a sailboat is only as good as its sails when you consider that capturing the wind’s energy is the premise behind what sailors do to propel their boats in a forward direction. A good captain will trim those said sails to be as efficient as possible and...

ASA Sailing Challenge Game

A cutting-edge gaming app designed as a fun learning aid to help illustrate the principles of sailing in a rich interactive and entertaining format. Ideal for those students studying for their ASA 101 certification. Or for any old salt looking for a challenge without...

Understanding Points of Sail

The direction of the wind dictates the direction a sailboat can sail. Understanding the points of sail is vital to understanding how sailors orient themselves relative to the wind. The Points of Sail describe the range of courses a sailboat can and cannot travel. Read...

Sailing Terms Everyone Should Know

Knowing the right sailing terms to use on board a boat is not JUST a way of sounding super cool and impressing your friends. (Though it works for that, too.) It’s actually very useful, and sometimes crucial in communicating while you’re sailing. Some of the vocabulary...

Want to practice from home? Try these virtual sailing games!

Virtual Regatta Inshore

A fun and realistic sailing experience, perfect for those looking to experience racing and begin sailing against others.

ASA's Sailing Challenge App

An app geared towards beginners looking to learn the basics of sailing in a fun and entertaining way.