All Warrior Sailors know that we preach OPBs (Other People’s Boats), but it turns out that we do a lousy job of it because a large percentage of Warrior Sailing graduates go out and buy boats anyway. In an attempt to help these “outliers” with their own boats, while keeping with our mission of maritime education and safety, we have created “Systems Training Courses.” The three day course taught by ABYC Certified Technician Conor Smith takes a deep dive into electrical, diesel engine, and other vessel system maintenance.  It is even valuable for those that don’t know their own boats because the skills and knowledge experienced at this course will help to ensure each Warrior has real world experience to be a helpful crew member onboard OPBs!

Last week nine Warrior Sailors took part in our first course of 2024 hosted at Port 32 in Jacksonville, FL.  The course consist of classroom time and hands-on systems training onboard the USMMA Sailing Foundation Swan 47 “Acadia”.  Getting hands on experience and solving actual real world problems (the class diagnosed and fixed a faulty generator) made this a truly valuable experience.

We look forward to growing this new aspect of Warrior Sailing and plan to offer another course in Michigan this summer.

Here is what the Warriors had to say:
“I really enjoyed the in-depth training and description of systems, having an instructor like Conor really helped understand and clarify a lot of things. I feel so much more comfortable working on my boat now. And of course the sailing Saturday was wonderful!”

“Warrior sailing training has opened my horizons. The opportunity to learn and sail with my fellow veterans. A team building experience I have not felt since I left the military.”

Currently our team is short on fundraising for the future Systems Training courses. We have limited resources to provide direct camp expenses like; housing, meals, instructor expenses, and the potential of travel scholarships for Warriors that might need a few dollars to offset soaring travel expenses. Please contact Cory@warriorsailing if you want to make a direct donation to support these “beyond camp” courses.  Thank you for your continued support