Through the generosity of Bainbridge International, Sailmaker Tyler Hadden, and the USMMA Sailing Foundation, Warrior 53′ is equipped with a new main, jib, and spinnaker!

Building Sails for Warrior 53′

Last year the Warrior crew made the most of the sail inventory onboard, working with a short hoist main off of RP58 ‘Serena‘ and spinnakers off of a TP52. Having sails built for the boat will go a long way in sailing efficiently on and off the wind.

With an estimated 220 hours committed to the project by sailmaker Tyler ‘T-Bone’ Hadden, Warrior 53′ will finally have the correct sails for this year’s Great Lakes tour. Built in St. Petersburg, FL, out of material donated by Bainbridge International and supported by the USMMA Sailing Foundation, the project has come to fruition just in time for the start of the Chicago Mackinac Race.

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