The Warrior Sailing Canada Basic Training Camp took place at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto, Canada, June 5-8th, expanding the tribe among 2 countries! We welcomed 12 more Canadian veterans to the Warrior Sailing family.

They also welcomed another 21 wounded, ill and injured veterans and active duty service members at the Basic Training Camp, San Diego, CA, June 26-28. This is always a fantastic event hosted at the San Diego Yacht Club and supported by the Armed Services YMCASouthwestern Yacht Club and the Navy Yacht Club.

The best representation of the program comes from participants themselves:

“After 15 years of invisible wounds of war I’ve often felt socially isolated from the effects of PTS(d) and long term social anxiety from a combination of a TBI and the effects of a violent deployment in 2004. I was, thankfully invited to the Warrior Sailing Program and not only did I receive some of the best training on something I love so much (sailing) but I got more than that, I got a new extended family of like minded Warriors, coaches, local Yacht clubs and support that will enable me to take the practical application I learned and applied during the 3 day sailing course and really be able to sail confidently, and hopefully one day race a sailboat. The Warrior Sailing program is a must for all veterans regardless of sailing skill or disability because the program is so perfectly balanced with expert professional sailing coaching and mentorship but it also has something even more special, the ability to make you apart of a tribe once again, and that is priceless.”

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